Apache helicopters from 3 Army Air Corps have been exercising in Scotland on the latest model of the aircraft.

663 Squadron – based at Wattisham Air Station in Suffolk – is testing out the new AH-64 E over the rugged landscape of the Highlands.

The soldiers have been based at Balado Airfield near Kinross and flying sorties over the north of the country as part of Exercise Wojtek Highlander.

Pilot Staff Sergeant Matt said: “It’s brilliant, and flying up here, it’s a little bit of a change from Suffolk which is as flat as a billiard table, but up here is amazing – you get to see Ben Nevis, you get to see all the valleys.

“And we’ve had brilliant weather,” he added.

The new Apache AH-64 E has recently come into service with the British Army.

The British Army says: “The Boeing-built AH-64E features new drivetrain and rotor blades to boost flying performance; improved sights and sensors; communications systems to share data with other helicopters, uncrewed aircraft systems and ground forces; and embedded maintenance diagnostic systems to increase aircraft availability.”

This exercise aims to ensure the pilots can operate the new model effectively over challenging terrain.

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