More than half of over 50s in Scotland experience loneliness, according to new research by Age Scotland.

Findings from Age Scotland’s Big Survey, which consulted over 4,100 over 50s across Scotland, shows that 58% experience loneliness most, or all of the time and 47% of over 50s spend less money on socialising because of the cost-of-living crisis.

Our research also shows that the loneliest people have the poorest mental health, live alone or are in poor physical health.

The national charity for older people believes that Scotland needs to get to grips with rising feelings of loneliness otherwise the health of the nation could be severely impacted. Community groups and services for older people play a central role in tackling loneliness and social isolation.

However, our Keeping the Doors open report highlights that over the past two years more than 30 older people’s community groups in membership of Age Scotland have closed and we know that others are struggling to stay open due to spiralling costs.

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