The Scottish Government will publish more papers on the “positive case for independence” this summer.

Independence minister Jamie Hepburn has said voters can expect more publications in the Scottish Government’s Building a New Scotland series.

Hepburn said the Scottish Government is “scaling up” on its ambition to equip Scots with information on the country’s constitutional future.

A paper outlining the need for a written constitution for an independent Scotland was released earlier this week which would be ratified by a referendum, should Scotland become independent.

Hepburn said Westminster was taking Scotland “in the wrong direction”, pointing to a fall in living standards, adding: “It is now more urgent than ever that people here are presented with a positive alternative.

“So, following the launch of the Scottish Government’s proposals for a written constitution in a modern Scotland, further papers in the Building a New Scotland series will be launched this summer, as we scale up our work to demonstrate a better future is possible as an independent country.

“Self-governance is normal, just look at the success of similarly sized European nations who have charted their own course and are both wealthier and more equal than the UK.

“The Scottish Government’s vision to build a greener, fairer and more progressive independent nation is at the forefront of Humza Yousaf’s leadership as Scotland’s First Minister.”

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