Hundreds of problems with health board building projects have been found by NHS trouble-shooters, new data shows.

NHS Scotland Assure was set up in 2021 after a string of problems with hospitals in Edinburgh and Glasgow led to a public inquiry.

Assure’s role is to improve the quality, safety and running of NHS construction projects across Scotland.

In half of the 22 schemes it reviewed, the watchdog could not support them going forward without changes.

Of those projects it did not approve at the time of inspection, issues with ventilation, fire hazards and infection control were among the 314 “significant” or “major” issues spotted.

Without a satisfactory NHS Assure review, new facilities are not allowed to open to the public and a number of projects across Scotland – such as new hospital buildings in Aberdeen – have been delayed as a result.

The Scottish government said it wanted to ensure that new facilities were safe, and that the system was working “exactly as we expected”.

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