The SNP old guard was an odd bunch of political opinions ranging from the far left to the far right and sometimes meeting in the middle, because it fundamentally did not care about your politics, it only cared about the cause. It is for this reason that Ewing would have been happy to have been led by a man such as Donaldson and would not have cared about some of the dubious opinions of those who had founded the SNP in the 1930s of which extreme anglophobia was the mildest expression.

There are two types of Scottish nationalist. The old guard who were involved pre 2007 and the rest who are really not Scottish nationalists at all. The NuSNP is made up of Irish nationalists who hate Britain rather than England not because they are Scottish but because they still identify as Irish. These people prior to 2007 universally voted Labour because Scottish nationalism was hopeless and Scottish (i.e., presbyterian). To these have been added socialists, greens and those who hate Britain because of its involvement in various middle eastern wars and because of its leaving the EU.

Want to see Scotland under the SNP?

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