To the relief of many of us, the UK government is to investigate the extent to which UK taxpayers’ money is being used to support civil servants at Holyrood whose remit from the SNP/Greens administration is to work for the breakup of the UK. Not before time. This has, of course, angered the SNP, with its Westminster leader, Stephen Flynn, claiming any inhibition on this activity would prevent “the Scottish Government from fulfilling its democratic mandate to Explain the case for independence to the people of Scotland”. For “explain”, read “insult the UK, especially the English, and tell shameless lies about Scot-land’s position in the UK”. Mr Flynn, the SNP’s democratic mandate is to discharge its duties in the devolved areas of government listed in the Scotland Act of1998. It has no remit to intervene in reserved issues, including the Constitution. Is the UK the only country in the world that is expected to stand by impotently while insurgent politicians in a part of its territory agitate for its own break-up, using state rather than party funding? And this is after the SNP’s single policy was decisively rejected in the biggest democratic exercise Scotland has ever had, the 2014 referendum in which the turnout was a stonking 85 per cent. It is beyond time that the SNP’s encroachment on reserved issues and its ultra vires expenditure were reined in. Jill Stephenson, Edinburgh.