The SNP’s beloved Scottish Water has come under fire after it was revealed that it had lost enough water to fill almost 7,000 Olympic swimming pools in a single month. It has led to fears that the Scottish Government quango is presiding over soaring leakage in Scotland.

Nationalists have been known for boasting about the fact that the water company is nationalised north of the border compared to down south where private companies run the water supply. Castle-owning MP Chris Law was one of the latest to do this, urging the UK Government to look to Scotland for inspiration following the news that Thames Water was in £14bn of debt.

But it has now been revealed that Scottish Water leaked a massive 558.7 million litres per day in December, the highest amount of leakage for more than three years. This could fill an Olympic swimming pool 6,927 times as they require 2.5 million litres, reports the Herald.

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