Civil servants in Scotland used bank cards to make tens of thousands of purchases, including spending nearly £10,000 on VIP airport services.

For a fee former first minister Nicola Sturgeon, and her staff, were given fast-track security and access to lounges at UK and European airports.

Other purchases on procurement cards included yoga classes and nail polish.

The Scottish government said it could not comment on a first minister’s travel plans for security reasons.

An official added that all spending on the cards was subject to “robust authorisation and regular auditing arrangements”.

The Scottish government issues its senior staff with credit-card style electronic purchasing cards for buying goods and services up to a value of £5,000 per transaction.

A summary of purchases over £500 is officially published, but Scottish Labour obtained a full breakdown detailing all values between September 2019 and August last year.

BBC Scotland News has seen the data which included a payment of £4,182 on 8 September 2019 for hospitality and hotel accommodation at the five-star Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire.

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