In the last two weeks one of your most published letter writers, Leah Gunn Barrett, has excelled herself in finding reasons for Scotland needing to leave the UK. The reasons have ranged from a state that does not invest in its people – that would be the UK government that offered unprecedented support during the Covid lockdown, providing furlough for all those who without it would have ended up homeless and penniless. Then we have the criticism of Labour’s claims that they will transform the UK into a clean energy superpower. Never any question of how Scotland can afford this. The bottomless pit is at the end of the SNP rainbow no doubt. A further letter claimed that the UK pays lip service to the free market and that the UK government embraces non-productive industry. The United Kingdom government does more for industrial growth than the SNP could ever do, unless we are talking about how long it can keep shipbuilders in employment for two ferries. The United Kingdom government has recently announced UK investment zones in Scotland around Glasgow and Aberdeen in conjunction with the Scottish Government which include amongst others advanced manufacturing. So much for neglecting non-productive industry. The SNP leader has committed to joining Nato, which does not agree with the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Unless Yousaf is wanting to have his cake and eat it, he will have to choose which side of the fence he is going to fall on. I think that a person who sees one solution to all issues in Scotland is either too lazy to think of other solutions or too brainwashed into believing that separation from the rest of the UK is the answer. Life is not that simple. Jane Lax, Aberlour.