The Labour MP also called the SNP’s House of Commons leader Stephen Flynn a ‘career politician’.

Labour’s shadow health secretary has accused the SNP of employing “grievance politics” in Westminster, saying the party’s House of Commons leader is a “career politician”.

Wes Streeting, Labour MP for Ilford North since 2015, was speaking at Iain Dale’s All Talk show at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, where he said Scottish Labour is “back in business”.

Speaking on the SNP’s Westminster presence, he said: “I mean honestly, in Westminster it’s just kind of grievance politics. It’s always constant whinging, complaining and pretending they don’t have any agency.”

The MP said the SNP say they lack “freedom” and say the Scottish Government “doesn’t have significant freedoms in terms of tax policy, in terms of domestic policy”.

“The Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament; they have so much freedom to do their own thing. And I don’t think the SNP can get away with saying, ‘oh, the reason that child poverty is rising in Scotland is because of the Tories’.

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