SNP MP Joanna Cherry has called for her party’s agreement with the “totalitarian” Scottish Greens to be ripped up.

Cherry also claimed there are elements in the party led by Patrick Harvie and Lorna Slater that are “anti-free speech” and “anti-gay”.

She issued the rebuke during an interview at The Stand venue for the Edinburgh Fringe.

The Edinburgh South West MP is a staunch critic of self-ID for trans people and criticised the Greens, which backs the plans.

She said “yes” to whether the power-sharing deal in the Scottish Government between the SNP and Greens should be renegotiated: “I think the Scottish Greens have become a totalitarian party.

She also attacked the record of the Greens on the climate crisis: “What upsets me about the Scottish Greens is their approaches to dealing with the climate crisis seems to be very focused on individualistic solutions and solutions sponsored by private capital.

“Quite apart from the anti-free speech, anti-gay elements in the Greens, what worries me is I don’t think they are on top of properly collective governmental solutions to the climate crisis at all. So, I’m not a big fan.”

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