Just imagine being in favour of putting that at risk! Yet that’s what the SNP and Greens want to do.

The latest Scottish Government official accounts, known as GERS, show that Scotland’s deficit was more than the cost of running our NHS at £19 billion. That would simply be unsustainable in an independent Scotland.

To put those figures into context, £19bn more was spent than was raised in Scotland last year, despite the boom in North Sea oil revenues. That’s £2217 per person.

Humza Yousaf has a duty to be honest and tell us Scots what services he would cut to balance the books – his failure to do so is a dereliction of duty and shows that he just doesn’t care about our country’s futur

People are left in pain and anguish because the SNP can’t get to grips with NHS waiting times, inflation is more than three times the Bank of England’s target thanks to the Tories, and the cost of renting has hit its highest level since records began.

After 16 years in power and teams of economists around them, it is an extraordinary feat that the SNP still have not got a handle on the economics of their flagship policy. The reason is perhaps they know Scots won’t like the answer.

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