Once a year the SNP Government’s economists lay out the key statistics on what Scotland spends and what we raise in taxes.

Over the course of the day others will offer additional analysis of the GERS public spending and revenue figures but here are my quick headlines:

  • Scotland’s deficit (the difference between what we raise and what we spend) is equivalent to 9% of our economy. By comparison, the UK as a whole has a deficit of 5.2% of GDP. That means that by sharing economic risks with the rest of the UK we have a smaller deficit.
  • To use Humza Yousaf’s own test – comparing our share of the UK’s population, tax and spending – we get a good deal out of the Union: with just over 8,2% of the population we pay 8.6% of tax but receive 9.2% of spending.
  • As Scots, we received £2,217 more per person in spending than the UK average – a difference mainly thanks to our share of UK funding – a share that the SNP are campaigning to give up.

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