The Scottish Government’s plan to regulate the legal profession has been met with a backlash, with critics saying it “risks undermining the rule of law in Scotland”.

The Regulation of Legal Services (Scotland) Bill was met with resistance by law firms and legal bodies in a public consultation.

The measures were intended to reform the regulation of legal services, but lawyers have concerns about the new powers they would give to Scottish ministers.

The legislation, if approved, would provide ministers with the power to amend the regulatory objectives and professional principles – which would be done after consultation with Scotland’s most senior judge, the Lord President of the Court of Session, and others.

Written evidence was published by the Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee following its public consultation showing the extent of opposition to the Bill.

It was branded “alarming and dangerous” by the International Bar Association, which said it “risks undermining the rule of law in Scotland”.

Other critics said it would “damage the world-class reputation Scotland enjoys”, and would create the opportunity for “political abuse”.

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