Despite being implemented to improve air quality by restricting older vehicles, Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone has resulted in a 10% increase in traffic-related pollution levels. The Telegraph has the story.

Pollution levels of gases linked to traffic rose by about 10% in the centre of Glasgow after the SNP set up a ‘draconian’ Ulez-style scheme, official figures show.

Nitrogen dioxide levels in the city’s Hope Street, which has repeatedly had the country’s worst air quality, were measured at an average of 34 micrograms per cubic metre between June and August this year.

This compared with a figure of 31mg in the same period last year, before the city’s low emission zone (Lez) was introduced – a rise of 9.7%. The legal limit is 40mg.

Levels of another pollutant from motor vehicles, known as fine particulate matter, surged by 11.5% over the same period, from 5.2mg to 5.8mg per cubic metre.

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