Not that Nicola Sturgeon’s protégé and baton carrier Humza Yousaf hung around to listen, and why would he want to hear her pointed reminder that she’d been involved with every Programme for Government in the previous 17 years.

But it was useful nonetheless, because it pays to look back at the pledges she gave and failed to honour, and in commending her successor’s flimsy outline of his priorities for the coming year the day before, she glossed over a legacy of broken promises.

The ones she came close to delivering have had to be unpicked because they were so monumentally impractical and ruinous.

Some 27 commitments in last year’s Programme for Government have not been fulfilled, but the most notable retreat has been from the repeated promise to provide free school breakfasts and lunches to every primary school pupil in Scotland, which will now not be met until 2026, if it’s ever implemented at all.

Want to see more SNP fails? – Health Matters

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