The SNP agreed, and to great fanfare fought and won the 2007 Scottish election on a promise to scrap the unfair Council Tax. Nicola Sturgeon said that she “hated” the tax. Now 16 years on, they’re finally consulting on what to do about that promise, only not in the way you might imagine. Far from abolishing the Council Tax, the SNP and their Green acolytes are actually proposing embedding it even more firmly.

The plans include an eyewatering tax bombshell that would see one in four Scottish homes hit with an additional council tax rise of up to £835 on top of any yearly increase. For people subsisting on a state pension in a house they bought in the sixties that has accrued in value despite their income declining, this will be a hammer blow.

The middle of a cost of living crisis is the worst possible time for these increases. And in a briefing on Monday, the Institute of Fiscal Studies exclaimed that even after the proposed changes, council tax in Scotland would remain “highly regressive”. So, why are they doing this? Well, this is a trap of their own making.

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