Officials have denied accusations of a cover-up after First Minister Humza Yousaf was urged to refer himself to a ministerial code adviser over his handling of a correction on renewable energy.

During First Minister’s Questions (FMQs) in June, Mr Yousaf said Scotland had the majority of the UK’s renewable energy resources, instead of the 26% quoted by officials retrospectively.

He corrected the record two months later, stating he “intended” to refer to per capita figures instead, following a point of order from Conservative MSP Liam Kerr.

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton has now urged Mr Yousaf to refer himself to the independent adviser on the ministerial code, accusing him of “manufacturing” the facts.

It comes after heavily redacted correspondence, released through freedom of information requests, showed Scottish Government officials did not calculate the “per capita” figure until July 3.

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