The first minister has been accused of inaction on NHS waiting lists as figures reveal more than 1,700 chemotherapy treatments were paid for privately in Scotland.

Figures published by the Private Health Information Network (PHIN) showed 42,890 private episodes – the time patients spent under the care of a private consultant – were recorded in Scotland in 2022/23, an 8% increase on the previous year.

It showed 7,805 cataract surgeries, 4,739 hip and knee replacements, 2,055 endoscopies and 1,745 chemotherapy treatments were among the procedures paid for by Scots.

It comes as 17,201 people continue to wait more than 18 months on an NHS waiting list.

The average prices for knee and hip replacements, according to Nuffield Health’s Glasgow hospital, is about £15,000, while endoscopies were £2,026 and the excision of a malignant lesion in the trunk or limbs costing £1,934.

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