Douglas Turner says that I am a ‘hardline Brexiteer and Uber Unionist just because he disagrees with me (Letters, 18 September). I campaigned and voted for Remain in 2016 and would do so again. I am on record as saying so repeatedly. I have never used an Uber cab and am pro-UK, not ‘Unionist’. Second, Mr Turner claims – as nationalists do – that ‘EU officials say’ that Scotland has complied with EU rules for over 4o years. Yes, it has – as a part of the UK, with its own currency, central bank and lender of last resort. That is the point. The SNP has not explained how Scotland would meet these financial requirements. If its existing plan of using sterling – termed by the EU as ‘a third country’s currency’ – were implemented after secession, Scotland would be debarred from EU admission. It may simply be that Mr Turner is ignorant of EU requirements. Nevertheless, in light of his claims, I challenge him to show where, in writing, EU leaders have guaranteed an iScotland entry to the EU. A link would suffice. Officials saying friendly and anodyne words do not a commitment make. Jill Stephenson, Edinburgh.