Satire is the art of using humour, irony or sarcasm to examine a subject with the purpose of exposing absurdity or hypocrisy.

Of course, what’s considered to be funny or offensive is an entirely subjective experience. For me, the most successful political satire is that which lampoons and exposes the farce or sanctimony of a political idea or behaviour – which isn’t the same thing as shallow or gratuitous mockery.

Shining a light on the farce of an idea or the contradictions in a politician’s policies or stances is an essential part of our democratic process. One might contend political satire helps to speak truth to power.

Is it fine to laugh at Westminster politicians but less so when it comes to those at home? This does seem odd, not least as we’re coming up to having had the Scottish Parliament for almost a quarter of a century. Yet we can’t handle a wee bit of satire?

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