WHAT further shame and humiliation must our proud country endure from this utterly incompetent SNP administration? As we endeavour to attract new talent to Scotland, the headlines remain dominated by the highest drugs deaths in Europe, the highest level of alcohol deaths since 2008, the highest tax rates in the UK, and a growing list of cancer patients paying for private treatment due to ever-increasing waiting lists. Shockingly, these facts are now contributing to a lower life expectancy in Scotland where, on average, Scots can expect to live three years fewer than in England (“Life expectancy falls again”, The Herald, September 27). What an appalling state of affairs for our country and it is no coincidence that the hapless First Minister had his hands on the tiller as Cabinet Secretary for Health. We are continually fed a diet of “progressive” policies from the SNP but in reality these policies across our health spectrum actually restrain the life chances and opportunities for so many people. We should be ashamed. Richard Allison, Edinburgh.