The SNP has been accused of presiding over a “lost decade” of NHS treatment that has seen ovarian cancer rates in Scotland “among the worst in Europe”.

The Scottish Conservative leader pressed the First Minister after details provided through freedom of information requests showed a patient in the NHS Grampian area had a 156-day wait for treatment.

Speaking at FMQs, Douglas Ross said another patient, from Lanarkshire, spent £27k of her life savings to pay for private care in England after facing a three-month wait on the NHS.

He said the woman feared she would not have enough time to wait for treatment in Scotland.

“People need urgent treatment to save their lives but in the SNP-run NHS they wait months,” he told Humza Yousaf.

Ross also brought up the case of a woman from Ayr who faced a wait of 12 weeks for cancer treatment which left her feeling “powerless”.

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