The event, set to be held next month, aims to show how Scotland’s natural capital can be protected and restored and environmental loss halted.

The one-day conference will host a panel of experts and an engaged audience to discuss policy progress and governance, including Scottish Government’s recently updated Biodiversity Strategy to 2045 which sets out the nation’s plans and governance for restoring and regenerating Scotland’s biodiversity across land and sea, with the help of thriving and sustainable communities.

Scotland’s natural capital has declined by over 15 per cent since 1950 and a recent RSPB report has exposed it as one of the most nature-depleted nations in the world. It also demonstrates a worrying trend in suffering wildlife with a 49 per cent decline in Scottish seabirds across 11 species; a decline in the distribution of flowering plants; and 11 per cent of overall species threatened with national extinction.

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