The present alliance between the SNP and the Greens is a marriage of convenience. However, it is easy to foresee situations arising shortly in which the SNP minority administration will just have to deny their “unelected” partners a say in policy matters. Hopefully, for Scotland’s sake, this will happen sooner rather than later. The current state of the Holyrood administration is dire to say the least, and much of this situation has been brought about by Green Party interference in matters in which they have no competence. There is no doubt we are going to see a revival of Labour throughout the UK. The Hamilton West /Rutherglen by-election is surely an early indicator of this. Hopefully, such a resurgence will be triggered off in Scotland, and may well result in a Labour/Liberal Democrat administration at Holyrood. After all, it was the joint efforts of such a coalition which resulted in the formation in 1999 of the Scottish Executive with power and responsibility over the majority of public services in Scotland, and eventually the creation of the Scottish Parliament. The SNP has failed in its governmental role, with disastrous consequences in most devolved areas. The Scottish economy is heavily reliant on Westminster for block grant funding through the Barnett Formula with circa £41 billion transferred into the Scottish economy annually, and it should be remembered that there is no Central Bank in Scotland. The present Scottish Government is mired in sheer incompetence — change is essential! Robert I G Scott, Northfield, Ceres, Fife.