Crimestoppers has revealed the shocking scale of youth violence in Scotland as 33,000 young people engaged with the issue through a new campaign.

The youth branch of the charity, Fearless, aims to understand the impact of violence on kids in their communities.

The initiative, launched in September, backs the Daily Record’s Our Kids … Our Future campaign after we reported on a shocking spate of vicious attacks involving children across the country.

Lyndsay McDade, National Youth Projects Coordinator at Crimestoppers, said: “The Record’s campaign highlights numerous incidents.

“It shows that violence is a key issue that many young people are concerned about and it made us determined to devise our new online campaign so kids can understand the consequences and laws surrounding violent crime.

“The results of our campaign show the sheer scale of young people willing to engage and to recognise that the issue of violence and weapon possession needs to improve.”

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