SOARING levels of school violence have driven a staggering 45 per cent surge in compensation payments, according to Scotland’s largest teaching union today.

The Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) says that £541,499 was paid in compensation to members who had suffered a workplace injury over the last year, a rise of £245,902 from the £295,597 given in 2022.

While the majority of the cash continues to be as a result of claims arising from trips, slips and falls in Scotland’s schools, the EIS has expressed concern at a growing trend to violence against teachers, meaning that compensation paid as a result of assaults has soared to 40 per cent of the total.

Attacks that have led to payouts include a teacher paid £6,020 after a pupil punched them leaving them with a broken jaw, one who was paid £4,500 after a headbutt smashed their teeth and another paid £28,469 after they were attacked on three separate occasions.

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