A campaign group has slammed the re-introduction of temporary traffic controls on a busy stretch of the A77.

The A77 Campaign Team say the latest traffic controls at the Carlock Wall, south of Ballantrae, has reduced a stretch of the road to a single carriageway once again.

Amey, the company responsible for maintaining the southwest trunk road, has been forced to carry out “essential maintenance” to deal with “localised movement” at the verge next to the A77 at Carlock Wall.

The firm claims the work is necessary in the wake of the “unprecedented rainfall” associated with Storm Gerrit.

However, campaigners reckon public money would have been better spent on a re-design of the road, instead of more ground stability works.

Ayrshire Live previously told in January last year how the stretch of road at Carlock Wall re-opened at the cost of almost £8.7m.

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