First Brexit and immigration, now gender ideology and Net Zero. Whatever the issue, the past few years have made clear the gulf between the outlook, values and interests of many MPs and the people they are supposed to represent. Even those who play up a regional accent or performatively smoke and swear turn out to have more in common with the civil servants, journalists and think-tankers who stalk Westminster or Holyrood than with their own constituents. In fact, those who LARP at being ‘outsiders’ are often the most likely to hold every high-status opinion going.

Take the SNP’s outgoing deputy Westminster leader, Mhairi Black. Black seems to think that being ostentatiously foul-mouthed and scornful of parliamentary conventions make her an authentic voice of the people. Yet she also seems to think that turning up at a primary school with a drag queen in tow, presumably to teach the kids a lesson about gender fluidity, is perfectly normal. She pitches herself as both too radical for the House of Commons, giving blustering speeches about the UK ‘sleepwalking’ towards fascism, yet also too sensitive for its ‘unhealthy’ working environment.

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