Researchers have found that Glasgow is Britain’s pothole capital – but that Edinburgh gives it a run for its money.

Data collection experts at SmartSurvey made the findings after analysing reports of potholes registered via – a popular website that allows worried residents to register repairs and service issues with their local authority.

Glasgow came top of the league of roads shame by a substantial amount – with one reported pothole for every 86 Glaswegians and a 24.25 per cent fix rate.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the M8, Edinburgh took an unwanted second spot, with 8.2 potholes unfixed per 1,000 residents.

And the Scottish capital was actually worse than Glasgow when it came to pothole fix rates – with the 22.25 per cent of repairs the second worst rate in Britain after Manchester (19.18 per cent).

In comparison, London fared relatively well overall, averaging 1.7 reported potholes per 1,000 residents.

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