A teenage girl whose alleged rape sparked a review of a government policy where under-25s can evade prosecution has branded it a box-ticking exercise after she was told her attacker will never face justice.

The public outcry over her ordeal, revealed by the Sunday Mail, led to Scotland’s top prosecutor Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain ordering a review of the controversial guidelines.

The 18-year-old, who bravely came forward after he was allowed to walk free hours before he was due in court, was told last week the Crown was still refusing to prosecute.

She said: “I’ve been denied any sense of justice at every turn because of a system that allows rapists to avoid prosecution for their crimes.

“There is no closure, no punishment, not even any criminal record of the crime. This was a box-ticking exercise.”

Her 46-year-old mum added: “We are disgusted by this decision.

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