SCORES of intruders have been found lurking in NHS restricted areas and even posing as staff — an investigation has found.

Figures obtained by The Scottish Sun show 122 security breaches took place at health boards over a five-year period.

In addition to the serious breaches there have been five people collared for falsely posing as NHS staff according to stats.

But the true number will be even higher after it emerged some authorities – including NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde – don’t keep track of the data despite previous breaches.

The highest number came within NHS Lanarkshire, which had 27 ‘unauthorised access’ incidents involving people in restricted zones – and one case of a person impersonating staff – between January 2019 and December last year.

Union bosses say any breaches are “potentially very serious”, adding health boards need to invest in security to make sure patients and staff are safe.

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