Humour as a coping mechanism is a fascinating aspect of human psychology and it appears the Scottish National Party have begun to see the funny side of Operation Branchform. But for a cash strapped party labouring beneath a protracted investigation it ought to be no laughing matter.

Eyebrows were raised when the SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn cracked jokes at the Perth conference saying his party should put a saltire on the campervan currently impounded by the fraud squad. Presumably practicing for a future stand-up career beyond elected politics he added football fans could drive it to the summer’s Euros.

Never mind the fraud squad probe, forget the official police inquiry into the missing £600k+ dosh, the SNP have an election to prep for and the money from flogging that impounded campervan could really come in handy it seems…

Listening to the embattled First Minister, sure enough he didn’t speak about that police investigation…but his chosen talking point proved just as unhelpful.

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