RECENTLY, there was an event in Dundee organised by a group called ‘Scotonomics’, whose self-proclaimed task is ‘Demystifying our economy’. To this end they enlisted a genuine expert, Professor of international economics Mark Blyth, a well-known separatist supporter who preaches secession from his fastness in Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island. A place of safety, one might call it. With unerring nationalist incompetence, ‘Scotonomics’ trashed any credibility they might have had, and any hope of ‘fostering [the] economic literacy and critical discourse’ to which they aspire, by including in their event speakers from the bonkers tendency in the nationalist camp.

There was Dave Doogan, SNP MP for Angus and, for heaven’s sake, SNP Energy Security and Net Zero Spokesperson: “I’m going to say this, and I probably shouldn’t. I haven’t checked but it’s really good….” He had seen on social media (sigh) “that the island of Islay has a higher economic outturn than the city of Birmingham. Clearly on the basis of whisky excise. I don’t know if that’s true. I’d like it very much to be true”. Of course it isn’t. He also thinks that most of the UK’s offshore wind is in Scotland, when an annex to a letter of 19 September 2023, from the office of the then SNP economy minister, Neil Gray, to Edward Mountain, MSP, convener of Holyrood’s net zero, energy and transport committee, states: “For offshore wind specifically, capacity in Scotland is over 2GW. This is 16 percent of UK installed offshore wind capacity, and approximately 7 percent of European and 3 percent of world total installed offshore wind capacity. How can anyone take the SNP seriously, let alone vote for them, when it has elected officers asserting utter nonsense in public?

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