New data reveals that there has been a significant increase in cancelled services at four North Lanarkshire train stations between the first and second year of a publicly-owned ScotRail.

Local Scottish Conservatives submitted a freedom of information request to find out the total number of cancelled and delayed train services in both of the financial years since ScotRail transitioned to Scottish Government control at Motherwell, Wishaw, Shieldmuir and Airbles stations.

The ScotRail data highlights that a total of 1331 services were cancelled at Motherwell in 2022/23 compared with 1774 in 2023/24 – a rise of 443.

At Wishaw station, the number of cancellations increased by 219. The cancelled train services at the station stood at 493 in 2022/23 compared with 712 in 2023/24.

The increase in cancellations for Shieldmuir is also 219 with the numbers rising from 399 to 618 between the first and second year of ScotRail’s nationalisation.

There were 160 more cancellations at Airbles train station. Cancelled services at Airbles numbered 813 in 2023/24 and 973 in 2023/24.

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