Patients in Ayrshire can expect a text message from NHS Scotland in the next few days to ask if they still need their appointments or surgery. 

Some Ayrshire patients on the waiting list for surgery will get a text message starting from Monday, April 22.

This service will be delivered by NHS Scotland’s national elective coordination Unit (NECU), in partnership with the digital solutions provider, DrDoctor.

Jacqui Donald, acute site director with NHS Ayrshire and Arran, said: “This service helps us understand if patients’ needs have changed. It allows us to contact large cohorts of patients at once to find out if they still need an appointment or operation.

“Using this text service means that we reduce the number of phone calls our teams need to make to validate our waiting lists.

“It reduces printing and postage costs associated with sending letters. It also allows patients to comment on their needs when requesting to stay or be removed from the waiting list, improving communication and engagement.”

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