A Scottish private school called social services on the parents of a teenaged student when they objected to the school’s socially transitioning her to male.

In an interview with The Telegraph, the girl’s mother, whose name was withheld to protect her daughter’s identity, claimed George Watson’s College in Edinburgh began treating her daughter as a male without informing her parents. When the parents, upon learning of this, told the school that a psychologist had recommended a “watchful waiting” approach toward their daughter’s confusion, the school ignored their wishes and had them investigated.

According to the newspaper, “‘Watchful waiting’ is an approach in which a child’s view of their gender is closely observed but without social or medical intervention. Evidence suggests that many children with gender issues will revert to identifying as a member of their biological sex as they become older.”

That is not, however, the view of LGBT Youth Scotland (LGBTYS), which dominates both public and private education in Scotland. The government-funded “charity” — which, The Telegraph reported, spends 93 percent of its income “on staffing costs” — operates a charter scheme whereby it gives schools gold, silver, or bronze ratings “denoting their LGBTQ+ friendliness.” To earn a gold rating, as George Watson’s did, requires having an LGBT club; displaying Pride and trans flags; appointing students “LGBT champions”; and, of course, keeping parents from finding out that their children are being socially transitioned to another gender at school. The mother of a then-12-year-old autistic girl who was secretly taken down the trans road at another Scottish school called the whole thing “a state-funded radicalization of children.”

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