A mum living in mould-plagued temporary housing two years after fleeing her abusive marriage has made a desperate plea for a permanent home.

The family of four is currently cramped in a two-bedroom flat in Glasgow awaiting a home of their own to help rebuild their lives.

Chloe also fears for her young son, whose asthma has worsened due to living in mouldy, damp conditions.

She said: “He has started to not eat food. He’s really struggling with depression because of the state of the house.

“His asthma is really really bad with sleeping in a damp room.

“You can touch the bedding and feel the dampness off the bedding.

“I’ve got to constantly wash and dry all their clothes before they wear them. He’s got to the stage where he’s starting to eat a bit, but not as much as we’re expecting him to.

“I’m really worried about him. The whole family is worried about him.”

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