SCOTTISH Labour leader Anas Sarwar will accuse the SNP of squandering the opportunities presented by devolved government in a speech marking 25 years of the Scottish Parliament today.

In its text, he says the SNP-led government has “left every institution in Scotland weaker after 17 years of incompetence” and that Scotland “needs a government that rises to today’s challenges, which are the biggest since the dawn of devolution.”

The accusations follow the SNP’s latest crisis when former leader Humza Yusaf resigned after abruptly ending the SNP’s power-sharing agreement with the Scottish Greens, leaving the SNP at Holyrood governing without a majority.

The SNP elected John Swinney as its new leader last week but still faces the outcome of police investigations into the disappearance of £600,000 from party finances.

According to Mr Sarwar’s speech: “Too often this government is distracted by its narrow obsessions and internal divisions.

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