The Scottish Greens’ top spin doctor has quit on the eve of the general election.

Shaun Milne said it was the right time to step down after a “tumultuous” two years in the post.

Milne, a ubiquitous presence at Holyrood, was a key member of the party’s backroom team during their time in Government.

But the Greens were kicked out of Government by Humza Yousaf recently and are facing up to life in opposition.

Writing on LinkedIn, Milne said: “Working with Scottish Greens colleagues to ensure the climate crisis has been front and centre of politics over the past two years has been a fascinating, enthralling and enormously enjoyable privilege, and I’m hugely grateful to have had that opportunity to help campaign for a fairer, greener

“As the party looks to reset its focus back in opposition and prepare for an incoming new UK government, now seems an appropriate time for me to step down after what has been a full on and tumultuous two years. With almost comedy timing, I tendered my notice to the MSP Green group on Tuesday, but will remain in post for a few weeks yet for the general election campaign.

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