The Scottish National Party has launched its 2024 general election manifesto with a commitment to immediately seek independence negotiations with the UK Government if it returns a majority of MPs to Westminster.

The SNP also wants the next prime minister to give Scotland another £1.5bn a year for the nation’s NHS, rejoin the EU and end the two-child benefits cap.

Speaking at the launch in Edinburgh on Wednesday, John Swinney said independence would deliver a fairer and more prosperous Scotland.

“If the SNP wins a majority of seats in this election in Scotland, the Scottish government will embark on negotiations with the UK government to run the democratic wishes of people in Scotland into a reality,” he told supporters and journalists.

Swinney said: “It is through independence that we believe we can build the fairer country and the more prosperous economy we know is possible.

“Not independence for its own sake. Independence for the powers to protect our NHS and to help people through tough times.

“Independence for a stronger economy and happier, healthier lives.

“And independence for a better future for Scotland – made in Scotland – for Scotland.”

But the First Minister refused to say what will happen to the Scottish independence movement if the SNP loses its majority in Scotland on July 4.

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