As part of its manifesto for the UK general election, the Scottish National Party also said it would decriminalise drugs for personal use.

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has said it would allow supervised drug consumption facilities, in its general election manifesto.

The manifesto, published on 19 June 2024, said that the party would introduce a “framework” to allow the drug consumption facilities, as part of what it described as a “radical public health approach”.

The party also vowed to decriminalise drugs for personal use as part of the approach.

The UK’s first drug consumption room was approved to open in Glasgow, Scotland, in September 2023. The facility, which is yet to open, will allow people to use drugs in a sterile environment under medical supervision.

Plans to open a safe consumption facility in Scotland had previously been blocked by the UK government, but the current proposal will be able to go ahead after Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC — Scotland’s chief legal officer — said it would not be in the public interest to prosecute users for possession of illegal drugs while at the facility.

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