The majority of Scots feel that the country is in a worse state than it was only a decade ago, according to a majority of respondents in a new poll. Some 58 per cent of Scots surveyed said they think things have deteriorated compared with 2014.

The poll, by Savanta for Scotland on Sunday, found that just 16 per cent think Scotland is a better country than a decade ago.

In addition, 41 per cent believe the independence referendum in 2014 had a negative impact on the country, with only 21 per cent thinking that it had a positive impact.

Chris Hopkins, Savanta’s political research director, said: “Scottish voters share a long-term sense of pessimism with the rest of the UK about whether where they live is better or worse than a decade ago.

“In many ways, their analysis why will be similar, if for different reasons – division in society as a consequence of a referendum campaign, struggling public services and a political class that seems unable to grasp the challenges the country faces.”

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