A vital West Lothian centre for disabled and seriously ill children is at risk of closure in a move which has been branded “unacceptable.”

NHS Lothian’s Sunndach centre in Livingston is reportedly under review due to a squeeze on health budgets, with the health board confirming engagement sessions will be held with families and carers.

The site, in Ladywell, and its sister centre Calareidh in Edinburgh are purpose-built bungalows, nurse led 24/7 and ran by NHS Lothian to provide specialist respite and residential care to children and young people with complex care needs.

As the West Lothian Courier reports, there is currently no other services in Scotland which provide the same care. The service also provides end of life care and work closely with the children’s palliative care team.

A spokesperson for the service, who asked not to be named, said: “We all know the NHS is struggling at the minute. But to even consider reviewing this service is astonishing. There has been talks around reducing the service into one, nine bedroom unit, which is still unacceptable.

“The service is supposed to be a comfortable and dignified experience for the children way from the hospital setting.

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