Scotland Matters – Aberdeen meeting, 11/10/22

Scotland Matters, the pro-UK campaign group is holding a public meeting at Aberdeenshire Cricket Club on Tuesday, 11th October, entitled “New King, New Prime Minister, same old SNP”.

The main speaker will be the legendary Labour ex-Lord Provost of Aberdeen. Barney Crockett, supported by a cross-party panel. Half the meeting will be devoted to audience questions and comments.

Allan Sutherland, founding member of Scotland Matters said, “since our last public meeting in February 2019 we’ve had Covid, Holyrood and Council elections, the cost of Living Crisis, a New King and Prime Minister”. According to polls, none of this has shifted the dial on independence. In fact, formerly influential supporters such as former chief strategist Stephen Noon, economic adviser Professor Mark Blyth, Reform Scotland director Chris Deerin, former director of Commonweal Robin McAlpine, as well as journalists Kevin McKenna and Iain McWhirter have cast serious doubts on the SNP’s approach and commitment to actually delivering independence.

Add to this, the SNP’s current turmoil; the Ferguson Ferry scandal, failing NHS, declining education standards and the lack of council spending and it is clear that the message and information just isn’t getting through to the 40% of voters who are undecided on indyref.

We’ll be discussing what we – campaigners, individuals and the pro-UK parties – can do to get the message out there that the SNP’s case for independence is non-existence, their track record in government is appalling and how to shift the dial even further to the UK side.

Our meeting coincides with the Supreme Court hearing on whether the SNP can hold an independence referendum without consent from the UK Parliament so it should be a very lively, informative event.

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