Scottish Defence Expert, Jenson Downie, at the Brigadoon Institute for Scottish Studies said: ‘HMSS Independence can be deployed on both the Firth of Clyde and the Firth of Forth within ninety minutes or however long it takes the ‘man in a van’ to drive from Greenock to Leith. Once we sort out the insurance he […]

At a recent Scottish Government finance meeting, in an attempt to reduce the £15 billion deficit that Scotland would have as an independent nation, the SNP have struck upon a plan that can only be described as ‘groundbreaking’, paradigm-shifting’, ‘revolutionary’ and the very definition of ‘blue-sky’, ‘out of the box’ thinking. Finance Minister Kate Forbes […]

[PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A WORK OF SATIRE AND DOES NOT REPRESENT THE VIEWS OF SCOTLAND MATTERS] Nicola Sturgeon is now denying the entire existence of her predecessor Alex Salmond in an attempt to save the SNP from further embarrassment. When questioned on this she responded: ‘I can categorically say that I have never seen […]


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