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The SNP don’t Get to pick and choose the causes they believe in

How confident would you be to go against the grain in Sturgeon’s Scotland? What if you said something mildly controversial? Or flippantly shared a meme on social media? You’d be lying if you said ‘yes, totally confident here’, especially if you are employed in the public or third sector.   The SNP’s most mesmerising confidence trick […]

Give us the Bauld facts

THE only reliable non-political comments you can rely on regarding the Covid-19 virus are from Professor Linda Bauld, of Edinburgh University. She tells it exactly as it is without any political spin and in simple terms that ordinary people can understand. Let’s have more of this clarity of information and actual facts rather than the […]

The SNP and the Scottish media

NEIL Mackay’s article (“SNP hostility to the press is a direct assault on democracy”, February 9) is a prime example of how the latest revelations and outrageous obfuscations from the Salmond scandal, and the acrimony, infighting and rumours inside the SNP, have provoked greater coverage and comment by the Scottish press and broadcast media. One […]

The consequences of going it alone

THE Salmond inquiry has exposed huge divisions within the SNP. It has also exposed somewhat different views of the same events. With this degree of breakdown in the cohesion of the party, is it really wise to proceed with a divisive referendum request which is bound to cause even more dissent within the SNP as […]

Different league

NOW that the local elections in England are going ahead, I think it would be a safe bet to say that the Scottish Parliamentary elections in May will be cancelled just to give Nicola Sturgeon another opportunity to be different from the rest of the UK. David Bone, Girvan, Ayrshire