Letters to the Scottish press special, 23/06/22: IndyRef2 campaign started already

Letters to the press, 02/05/22: “Angus Robertson MSP has blamed -recent world events” for more than a quarter of Scottish households not returning their census forms (Scotsman, 29 April). Yes, Angus, that’ll be it! Did anyone else have a Russian Spetsnaz trooper rappel into their home and scream “nyet, nyet” when you typed the first few letters of -census.gov. scot” into Google?

Letters to the press, 05/04/22: Just how much more have the good folks of Scotland got to put up with from this feeble excuse for an administration, the political case of which is built entirely on historical emotion, and grievance against the UK? One thing they are good at is the adoption of the blame game – to quote that auld Scots expression: “It wisnae me”.

Letters to the press, 30/03/22: ‘”There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics”. This quote could apply to the SNP regarding the ferries shambles, the Prestwick Airport shambles, the Salmond inquiry and the attempt to rewrite Scottish history.’

Letters to the press, 15/03/22: Sturgeon’s easy virtue signalling. Incompetent SNP rule. Reality-free green zone in Scotland.