Sturgeon gives ‘wrong pre-scripted answer’ to SNP MSP’s question – The Herald

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NICOLA Sturgeon has been accused of giving the “wrong pre-scripted answer” to a question from one of her own backbenchers for the second time in a week.

Scottish Conservative MSP Stephen Kerr raised a point of order in Holyrood following the apparent mistake.

It came after Ms Sturgeon responded to a question from SNP MSP Stuart McMillan about a public inquiry into the coronavirus crisis.

Instead of addressing the issue, the First Minister referred to Covid measures in the education sector.

On Wednesday last week, Ms Sturgeon made a similar mistake after a question from SNP MSP Stephanie Callaghan about NHS Lanarkshire.

The First Minister read out the answer to the next question due in Holyrood, from the SNP’s Evelyn Tweed, and later said there had been “confusion on my part”.

Raising a point of order today, Mr Kerr said: “Presiding Officer, for the second time in two weeks, the First Minister has read the wrong pre-scripted answer to her backbencher’s pre-scripted question.

“Stuart McMillan asked about the inquiry into the Scottish Government’s handling of the pandemic.

“The First Minister’s answer was all about schools.

“Can you, Presiding Officer, please advise as to what options there are to ensure that we hear an answer to the question that was actually asked?”

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Nicola Sturgeon branded ‘disgrace’ after heckling MSP over gender reforms – The Herald

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NICOLA Sturgeon has been accused of trying to shut down debate about controversial gender reforms after telling an MSP who raised them he should be ashamed of himself.

Speaking about her new Gender Recognition Reform Bill on Tuesday, Ms Sturgeon said she understood that “some have sincerely held concerns about” the proposed legislation.

However when Tory Murdo Fraser mentioned a protest by hundreds of women concerned about the “contentious” and “divisive” plan, Ms Sturgeon verbally attacked him for it.

The First Minister, who recently urged MSPs to “make an effort to disagree more civilly”, shouted “Shame on you!” across the Holyrood chamber.

Mr Fraser said the comment was “a disgrace” and accused Ms Sturgeon of dismissing the concerns of the women protesters involved.

It was sign of the increasing tensions at Holyrood over the legislation, which is intended to simplify the process of legally changing one’s gender through self-identification.

Obtaining a gender recognition certificate currently requires a medical diagnosis and takes at least two years.

The new law would remove the medical element and shorten the time to six months, relying on self-declaration in front of a notary public or a justice of the peace instead.

Opponents fear the move will see men who identify as women using single-sex spaces and services, such as refugees, some of whom may abuse the system to prey on women.

Last week around 400 people attended a Women’s Rights demo outside parliament at which the crowd booed mentions of Ms Sturgeon and the Greens, who also back the new law.

Finance secretary Kate Forbes challenged by Tories after drawing a blank on figures – The Herald

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KATE FORBES has come under fire from Tory MPs for failing to get to grips with her figures.

Ms Forbes, Scottish finance secretary, was appearing at a session of the Scottish Affairs Committee this afternoon when she was asked about how much the Scottish Government had spent so far on city and region growth deals.

Sturgeon booed for ‘ignoring women’s rights’ – The Herald

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HUNDREDS of women have gathered outside Holyrood to demand the SNP-Green government protects their sex-based rights ahead of controversial gender reforms.

The “Women’s Rights Demo” booed mentions of Nicola Sturgeon and the Greens, as the First Minister was accused of ignoring biology while advancing trans rights.

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SNP ‘lacks any solid achievement’ in power, says former deputy Jim Sillars – The Herald

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THE SNP lacks “any solid achievement” in power, the party’s former deputy has said.

Jim Sillars also said Nicola Sturgeon’s administration was “most noted for its incompetence”, citing rising poverty, record drug deaths and “exam chaos” among other issues.

He predicted the First Minister’s government would “unravel” over the coming months, and that her power sharing deal with the Scottish Greens would “merely accelerate that process”.

Mr Sillars, who was deputy leader to Alex Salmond in the early 1990s and has a new book out, made his comments in a letter to the Times today.

He said readers of the newspapers south of the border were “lucky”, given the track record and activity of the SNP in office.

He wrote: “We in Scotland are now lumbered with a government that is simultaneously for and against economic growth, with a “circular economy” minister likely to drive business round the bend.

“Leaving aside its constant reference to a referendum, Nicola Sturgeon’s government is most noted for its incompetence: from the ferries fiasco, the “Saudi Arabia of wind” claim despite there not being a wind turbine building industry in Scotland, new hospitals hardly fit for purpose, rising poverty and record drug deaths to exam chaos.

“The SNP is brilliant at spin but lacks any solid achievement.

Nicola Sturgeon has ‘clearly failed’ on education claims author – The Scotsman

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The author of a new book investigating the state of Scottish education says the First Minister has failed on her record.


Nicola Sturgeon is SNP’s worst leader in 30 years, claims councillor as he quits to join Alex Salmond’s Alba Party – Daily Record

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Pressure on NHS casts doubt on Nicola Sturgeon’s aim of clearing backlog – and blame lies squarely with her – The Sun

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SNP let Scottish children down! Nicola Sturgeon skewered for ‘total lack of leadership’ – Daily Express

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Alex Salmond faces leadership challenge at first Alba party conference – Daily Record

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