How dare Nicola Sturgeon sermonise on Twitter about the importance of respecting democracy, in support of her demands for indyref2. Referencing the US election, the SNP leader rightly observes that “power doesn’t belong to politicians — it belongs to the people”, She is a lifetime career politician who, since it became clear on 19 September 2014 that she’d lost the“once ina generation” independence referendum, has campaigned virtually daily for its rerun. 84.6 per cent of us- that’s us “the people” whom Ms Sturgeon claims so much to respect—voted, with a clear majority rejecting her separatist dreams.

Ms Sturgeon is therefore, I suggest, a democracy denier. She has zero right to virtue signal on respecting democratic principles and process. Beyond double standards.


The First Minister tells us that she is concerned about the integrity of democracy in the US. Wish she was concerned about integrity here – she has never accespted the 2014 and 106 referendum results.

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